Whether you are designing components such as microprocessors, FPGA’s, RAM, digital ASICs or focusing on power dissipation and resistance our engineers are ready to enhance your team’s ability to achieve a successful path to tape-out.


When you need help building software or with the logistics in the operations and support of it, Cornerstone Technical has the right engineering resources ready to augment the skill-sets and backgrounds of your team.


Throughout the big data journey, Cornerstone enhances your team’s ability and expertise by connecting you with a variety of accomplished big data professionals. From gathering data, exploring and gaining insights from it, to storing and managing it we are ready to help you navigate along any steps.

IC DESIGN SERVICES |  Digital and Analog

  • Design verification (UVM/OVM, System Verilog, Specman, c++)

  • Soc and FPGA Design

  • Custom Analog/Mixed-Signal/Digital Layout FinFET technology)

  • RTL Design (Verilog, Sytem Verilog, VHDL)

  • Synthesis

  • Static Timing Analysis

  • Floorplanning

  • Place and Route

  • Timing Closure

  • RTL to GDSII

  • DFT, BIST, Scan, ATPG


We are a passionate group excited about our contribution to creating products that are changing the way we live today and are defining our tomorrow. We have the privilege of connecting the true HEROES that make it all happen – the engineers and technologists to the teams we work with.

We thrive on making Cornerstone Technical the most complete and trusted team augmentation and engineering services solution on the market.

When you need to augment your team with a fully-scalable engineering workforce solution, you need a highly-professional and proficient staff that reinforces your desire for efficient and successful IC design, software development and big data management. You need Cornerstone Technical.

Cornerstone Technical listens to your needs, understands them, and delivers a timely, proficient, workable solution to satisfy your goal of successful project completion the first time. We ensure your business receives excellent service delivered at only the highest level of performance.

The cornerstone is the foundational-and indispensable-building block. Cornerstone Technical aims to be your first call-your building block-for your staff augmenting needs.
Cornerstone Technical listens to your needs, understands them, and delivers a timely, proficient workable solution which satisfies your goal of successful project completion the first time. .
Our professional engineers know how to ramp up quickly, add value to your team’s chemistry, and elevate your team’s capabilities. We ensure your business receives excellent service delivered at only the highest level of performance
Cornerstone Technical has successfully collaborated on hundreds of projects and helped teams all over the country meet intense and dynamic project schedules and resource needs.

Allow our expert resources and flexibility to accelerate your project schedules and achieve ultimate success.


  • Embedded Software

  • Firmware Development

  • DSP

  • Application Development

  • Web Development/Web Services

  • Full Stack Software Development

  • DevOps

  • Mobile/native iOS/Android/Cross Platform


  • EXPERTISE: We always remain abreast of state-of-the-art technologies and methods

  • PERFORMANCE: We provide comprehensive solutions both in staff and procedure

  • RELIABILITY: We’ll do whatever it takes to help you reach your desired result

Satisfied Clients

BIG DATA | & Analytics


  • Data Mining/Batching/Warehousing

  • Data Science/Analysis

  • Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)

  • Master Data Management

  • Business Intelligence

  • Migration/Implementation

  • DBA


  • Hadoop Ecosystem

  • Spark

  • IBM


  • Various BI Platforms


  • Healthcare

  • Government

  • Financial

  • Social Media/Marketing/Advertising

  • Retail

  • Insurance

By complementing our partner's existing methodologies and processes, we've been able to alleviate time, capital and resource obstacles that often slow teams down. Cornerstone successfully strengthens team’s capabilities and accelerates their position to successful on-time project completion.